Which Simpsons Character Are You?


Take this simple test to see which Simpson character you’re more alike!

  1. 1 Do you find little things funny?

    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Sometimes
  2. 2 What would best describe you?

    1. Loving
    2. Annoying
    3. Scary
    4. Crazy
  3. 3 Do you like doing housework?

    1. 100% YES!
    2. 100% NO!
    3. Only when I have to...
  4. 4 Aer uyo godo ta seplilng?

    1. I enjoy spelling
    2. I sometimes get things wrong
    3. I can't be bothered!
  5. 5 Which of these colors is your favorite?

    1. Red
    2. Blue
    3. Yellow
    4. Pink
  6. 6 What food do you enjoy out of these choices?

    1. Baked Potatoe
    2. Pizza
    3. Pasta
    4. Lobster
  7. 7 What do you like to wear?

    1. Jeans
    2. Short-Shorts
    3. Leggings
  8. 8 How well do you know your Simpsons characters?

    1. 100%
    2. Alot
    3. A fair amount
    4. Not as much as I'd like
    5. Who are the Simpsons?

Which Simpsons Character Are You?

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  1. Quiz result


    Rebellious in nature, mischievous and quite cheeky. You are Bart!

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  2. Quiz result


    Hardworking, loyal but easily stressed! You are Homer!

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  3. Quiz result


    Strong and independent, a true matriarch! You are Marge!

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  4. Quiz result


    Baby faced & adorable. Silent but deadly. You are Maggie!

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    Smart and resourceful and doesn't take no for an answer! You are Lisa!

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    Joker of the group, funny, witty and very quick! You are Krusty!

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  1. The Simpsons are a very interesting family that has been on our television sets. Homer and Bart are one of the funniest characters with a unique father and son relationship. Bart is totally the opposite of his sisters and lives to prank people which land him in detention. Which Simpson s character are you? Take up the test below and find out!