My All Time Top 10 Favourite Pokémon

  1. 6 Magmortar

    Nintendo/ The Pokémon Company

    Another rule of cool entry for this one. I love the overall design and attitude of Magmortar so much that he is in my top 10.

  2. 7 Escavalier

    Nintendo/ The Pokémon Company

    Trackback to my entry about Aegislash then guess why I like this one. This Pokémon was literally born to joust and that's just cool. 

  3. 8 Greninja

    Nintendo/ The Pokémon Company

    It's hard for me to give up on the original line up of starter Pokémon but I make an exception for Greninja. He's versatile, hard-hitting, and more importantly a ninja. 

    Nothing better than one-shotting your friend's Pokémon with a wet frog.

  4. 9 Espeon

    Nintendo/ The Pokémon Company

    This was tough for me because I love all the Eevee evolutions. However, this one sits close to my heart as a dear old friend of mine was obsessed with Espeon. 

    Also, although not many of them appear in my top 10, the psychic type is my favourite type.

  5. 10 Donphan

    Nintendo/ The Pokémon Company

    This guy is here purely because of my Pokémon Trading Card Game deck. It was a beast because of this Stage 1 evolution which had massive hitting power, loads of HP, and had damage resistance against everything. Also, curling up into a tyre and bashing into my enemies is awesome!

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