My All Time Top 10 Favourite Pokémon


I’ve been playing the games since I picked up my first Game Boy, and have been a mega-fan since. This is my run down on my fave top 10 Pokémon. This list is in no particular order. Do you agree with my choices? Tell me in the comments or better yet, write and share your own top 10.

  1. 1 Pikachu

    Nintendo/ The Pokémon Company

    How can any Pokémon list be complete without Pikachu taking a spotlight? This cute yellow electric mouse helped rocket Pokémon to pop culture history, 

    He was also my companion in Pokémon Yellow which was the first game in the series I got my grubby little hands on.

  2. 2 Bulbasaur

    Nintendo/ The Pokémon Company

    If you ask most people about their favourite generation 1 starter Pokémon, they will quickly say Charmander or Squirtle. But not me, I love this little frog plant.

  3. 3 Tyranitar

    Nintendo/ The Pokémon Company

    He's big, he's angry, and he'll flatten your team with rock slides all day long. This guy gets into my top 10 just because of how cool I think he looks. It really is that simple.

  4. 4 Aegislash

    Nintendo/ The Pokémon Company

    Those of you that know me will know I am mad for anything medieval. Especially weapons, shields, and armour. This Pokémon is offensive, defensive, and it's basically a sword and shield!

    The levitation is just a bonus.

  5. 5 Cubone

    Nintendo/ The Pokémon Company

    Nothing is cooler than a dinosaur wearing its mother's skull... it does have a sad back story but that is another reason why I like this Pokémon.

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